Our consulting services to help you design the shop of your dreams from the ground up

Efficiency. It needs to be a part of your automotive shop long before the first brick is laid and the first customer ever walks through the door. It has a dramatic impact on your team’s productivity and the success of your business.


With more than 20 years of experience, our SECO Consulting services help you design the shop of your dreams from the ground up. We’ll partner with you and your architect, providing you the confidence of knowing that your shop will be laid out with the most efficient plan possible, utilizing a ‘closed loop’ approach. We’ll handle details of managing the project schedule and contractor(s), and securing the permits to ensure your shop will be generating business as soon as possible.

After your facility is built, we can provide all of the shop equipment and automotive repair tools you need to get up and running. Our SECO personnel is factory trained, and will train your team on how to operate and care for your equipment, and will provide ongoing service, support, and inspections to ensure your shop is in compliance with OSHA standards.

New dealership and shop checklist:
  • Air Conditioning System Service Equipment
  • Air Compressor System
  • Battery and Electrical Systems Service Equipment
  • Cooling System Service Equipment
  • Car Wash, Detail Equipment, and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Exhaust Removal Systems and Accessories
  • General Shop Equipment and Supplies
  • Jack Stands, Cranes, Transmission Jacks
  • Lifts, Lifting Equipment
  • Lubricants and Fuel-Handling Equipment
  • Parts Department Storage
  • Quick Lube/HSOC
  • Wheel Alignment Equipment
  • Wheel and Tire Service Equipment
  • Workbenches, Shop and Service Furniture

Consulting Services

Make sure your shop runs efficiently from the very start. Email or call SECO today at (503) 620-2794 or toll free at (800) 663-7454.

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Download our detailed new dealership and shop checklist so you can start planning your shop space.